Investing in your own project requires a serious commitment of time, energy and resources not only for business development, but also for dealing with the uncertainties of constantly evolving markets and technologies characterized by sudden changes.

For this reason, more and more people choose to rely on franchisors, i.e. consolidated brands that offer their partners a series of advantages. If you are thinking about commercial affiliation as a business model to set up or relaunch your business, find out about the opportunities of MBE franchising. Discover an international network that offers retail commercial solutions for companies and private customers in the shipping sector, logistics and e-commerce.

Opening a franchise offers several advantages: from continuous training to the possibility of accessing the know-how of a brand with years of experience in the sector, thus allowing aspiring entrepreneurs to focus their energies on developing innovative ideas. Furthermore, investing in commercial affiliation proves to be a potentially valid strategy, even for those who aspire to expand their range of activities and have the opportunity to operate beyond their territorial borders, capitalizing on the success of consolidated brands. A study conducted by Oxford University entitled The Value of Franchising offers an interesting picture of the effectiveness of franchise brands compared to independent competitors operating in the same sector. Affiliated companies register a volume of sales 1.8 times greater than the competition and are able to generate a number of jobs 2.3 times higher than independent companies, offering greater opportunities for professional growth thanks to a dynamic and diverse work environment. Big brands such as Mail Boxes Etc., with a consolidated reputation and an international presence represent a valuable opportunity for those who want to start their own business in the shipping, logistics or e-Commerce services sectors.

Franchises are selling 1.8 times more products than unaffiliated competitors

A franchise generates 2.3 times more jobs than a self-employed business

What the opportunities of the MBE franchise are

Decades of experience and constant 360° support: choosing Mail Boxes Etc. means joining a network of entrepreneurs who have already traced a path in terms of reliability, competence and collaboration. Let us look together in more detail at the opportunities that the MBE franchise offers:

Continuous Training and Know-How

Among the legal obligations that a franchisor must comply with, there is that of transmitting to its franchisees adequate skills to carry out their work. The training provided by MBE to its entrepreneurs, both online and face to face in certified Centers , is the result of a path developed over the years and the result of shared experiences within the network. It provides a wealth of experience that allows new partners to become professionals prepared to lead a team capable of handling commercial challenges in the correct way.

Business Analysis and Strategic Consultancy

For those who do business it is not easy to have tools and time available to devote to data analysis, useful for informing their choices and strategies. MBE collects, analyzes and shares market data with its entrepreneurs, valuable tools for planning and implementing business strategies to be implemented to overcome daily challenges.

Relationships in the local area

Every aspiring entrepreneur who decides to devote himself to services for businesses and individuals wants to become a point of reference for his own users and an element capable of contributing to the development of the area in which he operates. Among the opportunities offered by the MBE franchise is that of being able to put the experience of an international brand at the service of a specific area and its requirements with a wide and personalized range of services capable of intercepting a wide range of needs.

Recognizable Brand identity 

A recognizable brand, capable of transmitting efficiency and reliability, represents an important competitive advantage. MBE assists you in every step of the opening and business start-up process, including creating a service center environment that reflects your brand image and the needs of your local market.

Support for the identification of incentives

Investing your economic resources in a business idea is an important step that involves risks, but which can open the door to important growth prospects. MBE offers maximum support in identifying concessions and opportunities, providing all the know-how and any existing agreements with local reference entities, such as banks and institutions, in the financial sector.

Business development strategies

At the base of a solid and growing business, there is an entrepreneur capable of understanding the needs of his users and making himself available to them with competence, but that is not all: it is equally important to have time-tested techniques available, capable of improving relationships with those customers. The MBE franchise offers the opportunity to use proven strategies to build, develop and optimize customer relationships, helping to create a strong and lasting business.

Framework agreements with reliable partners

Every company needs to be able to depend upon reliable partners, specialized and quality players recognized in their sector of expertise to outsource delicate and strategic tasks for their business. Thanks to its strategic position in the sector, MBE is able to negotiate agreements centrally with companies and partners favorable for franchisees and create the conditions for initiating synergies capable of improving the quality of its business.

Marketing Omni-channel Strategies

It is not easy to have resources available for marketing and promotion, especially in the case of new businesses: yet these are essential elements for standing out, attracting customers and building a recognizable brand identity. Affiliating with MBE allows you to count on an integrated marketing strategy, which includes national campaigns and initiatives aimed at acquiring new customers and promoting the brand.

Mail Boxes Etc. offers its entrepreneurs a business format that allows entry into a consolidated network, made up of 1600 Business Solutions Centers worldwide. Logistics and marketing services are increasingly important strategically. They allow aspiring entrepreneurs and those who want to relaunch their business to optimize their time and to grow, benefiting from the experience of a vast network of professionals capable of operating with and advanced techniques to help individuals and local businesses grow by overcoming daily challenges. Thanks to a team of experts and continuous training,  Mail Boxes Etc. franchising provides the answer to the needs of SMEs and your desire to do business.

Start your business with MBE and become part of our franchise.

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