The problem of pollution and waste disposal has taken on an increasingly central role in recent years, favouring the rise of a new environmental awareness that involves more and more consumers and companies today.
Eco-sustainable packing is part of this new process and represents a real requirement for buyers as well as for brands, who make it a winning card in order to stand out in the market and build customer loyalty, as well as to protect the environment. The green revolution that affects the shipping sector mainly involves packing, which increasingly comes from renewable, certified and recycled resources.Added to this is the need, especially among younger generations, to actively participate in all those activities that demonstrate a strong sense of responsibility towards the environment: through eco-friendly fashion, sustainable packing becomes a cause to be supported. But what exactly is meant by this term? Before understanding why it is so important for your company, let us clarify the relationship between packing and sustainability.

Eco-sustainable packing: what it is and what it is used for

By eco-sustainable packing we mean a particular type of packing with low environmental impact, made with certified 100% recycled and recyclable materials: among these the most used is like cardboard, an ethical and extremely convenient packing solution. Above all, it is sustainable, appreciated for its ability to contain a considerable amount of weight and this makes it ideal for different types of shipments. The main function of eco-friendly packing is to protect products, respect the environment without sacrificing functionality and practicality. This takes place not only through the recycling of raw materials, but also through more streamlined production chains and logistics processes, aimed at reducing carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere.

43% of Italians prefer products with sustainable packing.

48% do not complete the purchase when faced with products packed with plastic or non-recyclable material

Why choose ecological packing for your company?

A Nomisma survey shows that 43% of Italians prefer to buy a product with sustainable packing, while 48% even abandon their shopping cart when shopping online when faced with products packed with plastic or non-recyclable material. This makes it clear how important it is for a company to enhance the value of goods with packing that protects the environment and reduce waste. Opting for eco-sustainable packing if you are using e-commerce helps you to:

1. Reinforce brand identity. Taking a stand in favor of the environment certainly contributes to strengthening the image of the company, a sort of business card that reveals the values and mission of your business.

2. Defend the environment. A package made with sustainable materials is an important step towards creating the world around us, an essential piece that helps lay the foundations for a better future and helps take better care of our planet.

3. Acquire and retain customers. Consumers reward those who use green boxes and packing: those who do not respect the environment pollute it. Therefore, the attention paid to eco-sustainable packing today becomes a reason to buy for an increasing number of users, less and less predisposed to buy products from a brand that does not support environmental causes.

Today, ecological choice is increasingly widespread among small and medium-sized enterprises. In fact, these are values shared by various companies, attentive to responding to the new consumption habits of customers and also oriented towards optimizing products to intercept even those users who have limited resources.

Packing has become a real marketing tool, a way to attract a customer's attention and offer distinctive and unique brand recognition.

Building a positive image through recyclable packing that embraces the values of consumers offers the opportunity to establish a relationship of trust, an effective sales strategy with which it is possible to reduce the environmental impact on the planet.

How to make your products greener

To embrace the cause of environmental sustainability, you can make the packing of your products greener by choosing some ecological solutions, here are the environmentally friendly materials you might choose:

  • Outer packing: cardboard or paper boxes and polyethylene bags for the outer packing of your products: these are recyclable materials, perfect for the environment and for low-cost investment.
  • Containers: even the containers of your goods can be entirely reusable, so you give your customers the opportunity to give new life to your packing.
  • Labeling: using a material such as BOPP, a sustainable and robust plastic film for your labels: you can show the company logo and make your brand recognisable without polluting the environment.
  • Filling materials: if you intend to ship fragile items, you will have to worry about using filling materials inside to protect your goods from bangs and bumps during transportation. Bio-degradable casings are the ideal choice. Did you know that you can opt for supports made with materials obtained from mushrooms?

Finally, do not forget the adhesive tape: make sure it is made from green materials. Even the smallest details can make a difference when it comes to respecting the environment.

The experience and expertise of MBE specialists allows us to offer you the best solution to ship your products sold online: our professional packing services for e-commerce ensure specialized techniques and materials, and great care in all packing steps.

Trust MBE packing solutions to offer your customers a quality service.

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