Shipments are a double-edged sword for e-commerce: if managed in an optimal way, they can be the key element distinguishing you from the competition and retaining customers.

 If they are not managed correctly, they can become the weak link in your strategy. Good planning is the starting point for offering an efficient service and being able to make a difference. Beyond the more technical and strictly IT aspects linked to the choice of the right software platform, to organize e-commerce shipments better, it is necessary to know how to optimize the management of orders, warehouses and logistics.

Let us examine in detail how to move to optimize the management of the shipment of e-commerce orders.

Have a good management program that allows you to check stocks, inputs and outputs of products.

Delivery times are crucial to offer a high quality service.

Organizing  the warehouse and logistics in e-commerce

Managing e-commerce shipments correctly strongly influences the customer shopping experience. For this reason, it is important to plan every detail of your strategy. From warehouse management, to choosing the most suitable courier for different needs, to managing returns and checking documents, the operations to be followed are diverse and often complex: they are interrelated activities that require precision and punctuality.

In particular, there are two important starting factors to better organize the shipments in e-commerce:

Warehouse management. The warehouse is one of the most important elements of a commercial activity: if you opt for direct management, you will have to take into account the expenses for the purchase or rental of a property and the costs of utilities, to which the practical tasks related to the logistical organization and the handling of goods are added. To do this it will be necessary to have a good management program that allows you to effectively check stocks, inputs and outputs of products and any returns.

By choosing indirect management, outsourcing or dropshipping, you can instead rely on an external supplier who checks the inventory and takes care of orders: it is the most effective solution for those who have an online store as it allows you to optimize space and time, so you can focus on  other aspects, from marketing to customer services.

Logistics. Another aspect to be taken care of carefully is logistics, which is essential both in pre and post-sales. Operations related to delivery times, returns management, peak in demand and order personalization become crucial to offer a high quality service and receive positive feedbacks from customers, increasing the reliability of the website. The choice of an experienced and reliable partner is of fundamental importance in order to offer a professional image and timely service, managing to satisfy all your customers’ expectations in terms of efficiency and quality of the service offered. MBE Centers can manage logistics and shipping related aspects of your products: our solutions include inbound quantitative and qualitative controls and inventory monitoring. MBE experts can also assemble, package and ship products sold online according to specific needs, also taking care of the management of orders and flows for returns of goods, on a domestic and international scale.

5 Tips for successfully managing e-commerce shipments

Errors in the management process of your e-commerce can result in customer dissatisfaction or loss, incentivize a negative review, with repercussions for the online reputation of your business.

This is why it is important to take care of every phase, from purchase to after-sales, keeping these particular elements in mind:

1. Packing and sustainability. The packing of the product is increasingly important to make the brand recognizable, capable of strongly influencing the shopping experience of your customers, transmitting a message and values consistent with the brand image. To make your shipments more effective, besides taking into account the aesthetic impact of your packages, you will have to pay attention to sustainability: personalized and eco-sustainable packing represents an effective marketing tool, a minimal investment that will allow you strengthen the brand image and get positive reviews. In fact, well-packed products intercept the interest of users, therefore aiming to embellish your goods as much as possible without neglecting safety during transport. MBE Centers can study customized pack and ship solutions for your e-commerce, from the assembly of different references to the possible insertion of promotional material, such as flyers and samples. The most appropriate packaging techniques, the use of specialized materials and accuracy in all the steps, allow you to save time and above all reduce the risk of damaging the goods during shipment, so as to offer your customers a reliable and professional service.

2. Coverage and tracking. To guarantee your customers a quality service, especially for the shipment of fragile or valuable goods, you can offer coverage that provides protection in case of the products  are damaged or lost during transport. With MBE SafeValue, you can cover the real value of the goods and the shipment from the time of collection to delivery, protecting yourself in case of damage or loss.

3. Omni-Channel approach. Another winning strategy to better organize e-commerce orders is to focus on omnichannel, that means integrating different sales channels to improve the shopping experience of your customers through a series of links between physical points and the online store.

4. Automated processes. Besides allowing an updated tracking of shipments, automation is very useful for synchronizing the status of orders, calculating prices in real time and obtaining shipping labels in a few steps. With MBE e-LINK plugin we connect your e-commerce to MBE systems to optimize the management of orders. This plugin for e-commerce allows you to stay focused on business, leaving MBE  Centers to manage the aspects and processes related to logistics and shipments.

5. Customer service. A punctual assistance service helps you to build customer loyalty: a quality customer service implies a detailed and efficient response to requests and support that also includes the ability to intervene promptly in the event of delays in deliveries or loss of goods.

For efficient and optimized management of your e-commerce, you can count on MBE Solutions designed specifically to give an extra push to your online business.

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