Doing business has always been a double challenge for women: one posed by markets and competition, and the one concerning gender inequality, which still affects, albeit to a lesser extent, the employment prospects and ambitions of those who wish to start their own business.
In recent years, increasingly attentive social and economic policies aimed at encouraging female entrepreneurship have created the basis for a presence not only in the corporate workforce but also in managerial and top management roles. However, full gender equality has not been achieved fully. According to the ILO, International Labor Organization, in its report Women in Business and Management: The business case for change, in Western Europe, at the current rate of development, the equal presence of men and women in the business world will only be achieved in 61 years. Yet there are important encouraging signs and there are many economic sectors, from fashion to service provision, in which a change in trend is being registered. What is the current situation? What are the opportunities for women who aspire to build their own business? Let us see it together by analyzing data and opportunities.

Only 21.7% of companies surveyed have a board of directors chaired by women.

More than 60.2% of companies that implement Gender Gap measures experience a 10 to 15% increase in profits.

The statistics for Female Entrepreneurship

Europe currently has a population of around 447 million, of which over half, 52% according to Eurostat, are women. However, this figure is not matched by a proportional presence of women, either in the world of work in general or in business.

The ILO report provides these figures: less than one company in three has women managers, according to a pyramid scheme that becomes more pronounced the higher the level, and only 21.7% of the companies surveyed have a board of directors led by a woman.

Yet female entrepreneurship and the gender gap within companies have shown great potential and had a positive impact on company performance in recent years, also thanks to the application of initiatives dedicated to gender equality: according to data provided by the ILO, more than 60.2% of companies that implement measures to combat the Gender Gap record an increase in profits, measured in percentages ranging from 10 to 15%. This is an important figure, reflecting, on the one hand, the importance of the presence of women in all sectors and at all levels of the world of work, and, on the other, the potential only partly expressed by the world of female entrepreneurship.

Women and business: new opportunities and the success of franchising 

The data reported so far show a situation in which women are penalized, but it is important to underline that the trend is positive and moves in the direction of an increasing presence of women in key company roles. Companies today recognize the need to achieve a gender balance in their workforce, a situation that can guarantee better synergies within the working context. 

Moreover, some opportunities are proving particularly favorable for women who aspire to become entrepreneurs. This is the case of start-ups, a business model which, despite the still very limited presence of women in Europe, is performing very well, with a constantly improving number of results, sales or listings of their companies on the stock exchange.

Among the business models increasingly appreciated by women who wish to set up their own business is Franchising, a business model capable of going beyond self-employment and offering growth prospects within large structured groups. In fact, this formula allows you to join commercial networks and service structures that are already up and running and are able to put their know-how at the disposal of new members and allow access to concrete growth prospects in a collaborative relationship that leaves plenty of room for personal initiative.

An aspect that appears important in the choice of franchising as a business model for women concerns the need to be able to manage their time and reconcile it with family needs: research conducted by Eurostat in 2019 entitled The Life of Women and Men reveals that the number of European citizens who work and have a child is as high as 72% and the figure increases by one percentage point when there are two children. Although motherhood in some areas of our continent may still appear limiting for those who aspire to become entrepreneurs, it is equally true that franchising seems to offer a dual response, allowing you to organize your family commitments and plan your activities freely according to your needs and put yourself on the line by betting on your business skills.

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