Becoming an entrepreneur is an opportunity that fascinates and frightens at the same time, but which offers great opportunities for those looking for new challenges and wanting to put themselves to the test.

The path is not easy: organizational skills, knowledge of the reference sectors and markets and, last but not least, economic resources to be allocated to the start-up or consolidation of your business are required. This last aspect, in particular, appears as one of the insurmountable obstacles in the realization of your project and discourages those who are thinking of opening a business.

However, there is no lack of solutions, starting from measures aimed at financing new businesses to the opportunity of opting for affiliation methods to large groups able to offer a solid base on which to build your own single project. Furthermore, in this particular historical situation, the aim of social and economic policies in the European context is to reduce inequalities and the gap that exists for some categories of workers and entrepreneurs, young people and women in the first place, with assistance aimed at encourage entry into the world of work with a leading role for all the potentially productive forces present in society. Let us look together at what the funds available are for new businesses and which scenarios and sectors offer the best growth prospects.

The EU supports more than 200,000 businesses every year

€ 750 billion allocated for the revitalization of the EU economy

Policies and Financing for New Businesses

An important opportunity to access funding for youth entrepreneurship is currently provided by the Next Generation EU, the ambitious seven-year program, from 2021 to 2027, put in place by Brussels to counter the effects of the pandemic, modernize bureaucratic systems through a green revolution based on digitization and sustainability and relaunch the economies of European countries. All this will take place through the allocation of 750 billion euros that each beneficiary country is called upon to manage according to its own project aimed at providing a real development opportunity for companies wishing to modernize their structure or for new business projects. The fields involved are many, and concern both the public and private sectors, with the involvement of numerous productive sectors and with particular attention to the creation of new businesses.

Within the Next Generation EU, the chapter dedicated to the Single Market plays a particular role. 4.2 billion euros of investment is intended to stimulate and improve the internal market with financing for companies aimed at strengthening the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises in particular; this opens up really interesting development scenarios.

From Start-up and Franchising valid business opportunities

Each year the EU supports more than 200,000 businesses through programs of economic support  to be allocated to companies operating in any sector and of any size. Among the types of companies that are chosen are those wishing to obtain funding for youth entrepreneurship, start-ups, individual businesses and SMEs. Considerable advantages can also derive from those who choose to join activities that involve affiliation with large groups, such as franchising.

The latter in particular is increasingly finding favor with young people, women and aspiring entrepreneurs in general, attracted not only by the possibility of stemming the danger of unemployment by resorting to self-employment but, above all, by the potential for growth both on a local scale, with important economic repercussions in the area, and on an international scale that this business model offers.

The franchising formula makes it possible to join commercial networks and service structures already started by large groups able to put their experience at the service of new partners and allow access to concrete prospects for development and economic growth in a collaborative relationship, which leaves ample room for personal initiative and proves to be beneficial for both parties. Constantly growing numbers and increasing use of this win / win business model make franchising linked to logistics and marketing services one of the reference models for those who intend to invest time and resources in their own business.

Mail Boxes Etc. is the ideal partner for those who intend to access funding to start their own business. Ever higher volumes of shipments, fueled by a growing use of e-commerce and an ever-increasing demand for customized logistics services, offer great opportunities for growth and development.

Thanks to a consolidated affiliate program capable of providing support, training, high-performance technologies and solid business planning, MBE franchising is the ideal solution for those who want to build their own business dedicated to the production of services and solutions for SMEs and individuals, relying on the solidity and reputation of a well-known established brand. Discover the financing opportunities for MBE Franchisees, open your Franchise Service Center and become part of a network of entrepreneurs on a global scale.

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