A stay away from home, for work or leisure, is often also an opportunity to shop and buy typical local products and furnishings directly from artisans and ateliers.

On the contrary, travelers are often used to allocating a part of their budget, in addition to accommodation expenses and tickets for museums and attractions, just looking for and buying souvenirs and items to take back home or give to relatives and friends. Nowadays, visitors play a fundamental role in the economy and development of tourist areas and represent a market of enormous proportions that offers enormous business potential for small and large companies offering typical and traditional products: according to data provided by Eurostat, in 2021 there were over 1.8 billion overnight stays in accommodation facilities in the European Union, with this positive trend sure to reassert itself. But what are the most popular souvenirs for tourists? What are the aspects and trends that guide choices and purchases today? How can small artisans and local realities enhance their products with solutions that make it even easier for their customers to manage purchases made on vacation?

Let us find out together.

There are 1.8 billion overnight stays in accommodation facilities in the European Union

Changing travel habits influence tourist shopping trends

Most purchased products on vacation

For those who fall in love with an object during a trip and dream of being able to exhibit it in their own home, the first obstacle that arises is how to take it home. In recent years, habits have changed radically: long trips, to be made during holidays or vacations, have partially given way or have been accompanied by short trips concentrated on weekends and in which it is usual to take light baggage with you. This aspect also guides purchases: small items are often preferred to bulky or delicate objects, to be carried in a bag or backpack. However, there is a large market of typical products and objects that tourists love to buy: encouraging this trend with a shipping service can prove to be a trump card capable of contributing to the realization of a sale. The problems related to bulk or weight can in fact be easily solved by those who have an adequate shipping service in line with the type of their goods. But what are the most purchased products on holiday? Here is a list of tourist favorite items.

Reproductions of famous monuments. Unmissable in the homes of those who have visited Paris or Rome at least once, the Eiffel Tower and the Colosseum are on show on shelves in homes all over the world. Although the trend is to buy small and easily transportable objects, there are those who cannot resist the charm of a reproduction of a famous monument made of metal or marble: the impossibility of easy transport on the return journey often discourages the purchase.

Vases and terracotta. There are many countries that have an interesting and peculiar production of hand-decorated ceramics that pique the curiosity of tourists and the desire to bring home valuable souvenirs capable of recalling the atmosphere and charm of a region, a village or a city of art. However, when packed these items can be bulky and create problems for travelers.

Objects in wood and metal. Among the objects that most fascinate travelers are objects in wood and metal: reproductions of medieval weapons, armor, helmets, but also religious symbols as well as traditional musical instruments such as drums are among the most popular souvenirs.

Copies of works of art. The market for reproductions of art objects has ancient origins and does not seem to suffer during economic downturns. Of course, packages and precautions that are higher than the norm and must be capable of guaranteeing the integrity of the object acquired. A shipment that takes into account the value of these objects and ship them safely might be the right solution to offer to customers.

Typical clothing. Traditional clothing is among the most commonly purchased travel souvenirs. From accessories, such as typical shawls and head-dresses to footwear, there is no shortage of opportunities to purchase a traditional garment everywhere. These are often delicate items that could get damaged in a suitcase.

Wines, liqueurs and typical products. Local food and wine have a prominent place among the most popular souvenirs. Being able to bring home the flavor of a trip is undoubtedly a way of prolonging the pleasant sensations experienced during a stay abroad and a welcome gift to friends and relatives. Of course, it is not easy to try to ship wines, oil, typical liqueurs and traditional sweets and the risk of breaking a precious bottle often means that the tourist gives up on the purchase.

Prints and design objects. It is not only traditional objects and products that fascinate travelers: design creations are increasingly popular among the most purchased souvenirs by tourists. Lamps, prints and various objects are increasingly appreciated by those looking for style and originality to be exhibited in the living room of their home.

Offering tourists the opportunity to receive the products purchased directly at home on their return has great advantages and opens the field to sales opportunities that are generally closed. To plan adequate and safe packing and shipping services, however, expertise, time and resources are required. MBE is a professional and reliable partner, working alongside merchants, shopkeepers, artisans and boutiques who wish to take advantage of the numerous opportunities related to tourism by offering shipping and packaging solutions designed to allow its customers to purchase in complete peace of mind, without worrying about how to transport. products and objects.

Thanks to flexible solutions, suitable for preserving the integrity of items with customized packing and specific materials, with MBE it is possible to offer a professional shipping and packing service with the possibility of monitoring shipments via tracking code. Moreover, with MBE SafeValue it is possible to send valuables, works of art and fine wines, covering the real value of the property in case of loss or damage.

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