The main key to the development of companies operating in the online market is an effective e-commerce site that is able to create conversions. Although there are infinite types of products and services, the rules for a well-studied commercial strategy all respond to mechanisms and needs common to all consumers.
Selling products online has enormous advantages and opens the door to numerous potential customers, but the competition is fierce and better prepared by the day. The challenge that companies operating on the web today face consists of attracting, convincing and satisfying, with the quality of the products and services offered, customers who are increasingly attentive and aware of products, savings and opportunities. Those who set themselves the goal of winning this challenge cannot ignore careful planning of their e-commerce site. So how should we create a well-performing online shop that is in line with the expectations of potential customers on the net and able to compete with the competition?

75% of people aged 14 to 74 have shopped online

82% of Europeans buy from sellers based in the same country

E-commerce: the key factors for sales

At the base of every sales operation, there is a careful strategy capable of responding step-by-step to the requests of a clientele increasingly accustomed to buying online: according to data provided by the 2022 Eurostat report, 75% of people between the ages of 14 and 74 made purchases online and the trend for the current year is growing. What is more, according to Eurostat, 82% of those in the last quarter of 2021 bought from sellers in the same country, while 22% bought products from sellers based outside Europe.

So how might you get noticed in such a crowded arena? How can you convince potential customers to purchase from your online shop? There is no perfect formula to create effective e-commerce: however, there are some aspects that can be decisive to stand out in the sea of proposals on the net and give something extra to your business, making your e-commerce perform better.

Attractive and clear graphics. There was a time when websites were characterized by animations designed to amaze visitors and generate the so-called "Wow Effect". Today, those who surf want fast, simple and intuitive portals: for this reason, a site must have a modern and responsive design that can express and communicate the distinctive values of the brand without making the browsing experience complex and heavy.

Usability of the site. It seems obvious and yet we still encounter bugs while browsing online sites. This element is extremely important for the success of an e-commerce-based business: a professional site must be easily navigable on all devices. The inability to make purchases from smartphones, for example, is one of the factors that most limit the ability to penetrate the market and hinder growth opportunities in this sector. Only a satisfactory user experience can convert and retain the user.

Development of content and visibility. Whether you have to build a portal from scratch or you want to update the one you already have, you must pay attention to the development of the contents and materials relating to the products in the catalog, inserting captivating and informative texts in the product sheets, strategic call-to-actions and optimized content, capable of improving the visibility of the business offer on search engines as well.

Availability of products. If you decide to create an online store, know that good quality images and exhaustive descriptions of the items, combined with a logical and intuitive arrangement of the product categories, are essential elements. Far too often e-commerce sites are configured as bazaars full of products in which it becomes difficult to get out. In this case, the help of a professional company allows you to identify the best way to offer your goods and make them easier to purchase.

The effectiveness of e-commerce is also built after sale

Contrary to what one might think, strategies for building an effective e-commerce site do not end after the purchase has been made and the user has received the order. Even on digital channels, what happens after the economic transaction is fundamental: the customer has placed his complete trust in your e-commerce business and in the quality of your service, so you will have to be able to repay him by not disappointing his expectations. Here are some essential elements to make an occasional customer a customer loyal to your brand.

Management of online sales. Pre and post sales management is an integrated process. The transaction itself is a fundamental technical aspect for the success of a sale which must be simple and immediate. In fact, a customer completes his purchase only when he finds a limited number of steps, clear information on the payment methods and the return policy of the items and when he is satisfied with the security measures. The possibility of buying easily even from smartphones for example, an increasingly widespread and increasingly popular method, will increase the chances of concluding the transaction.

Safe and punctual delivery. This is an element capable of guiding the choice of those who buy: for the same item, the customer often chooses to rely on a quick and safe shipment even if it has a slightly higher price. The certainty of suitable packing is also an additional business card that testifies to the seriousness of a company. For this reason, it is important to rely on companies equipped with advanced logistics systems for warehouse and shipping management that offer different types of shipping and levels of services based on needs.

Customer Care. The customer does not want to feel abandoned. Assistance must therefore be of a high level, throughout all steps of the sales process. For this reason, customer care will be essential for the success of your e-commerce site. Dedicated e-mails, live chat, telephone number, FAQ section are all valid ways to answer customer questions and resolve any problems promptly. Adequate attention to this aspect will significantly improve the customer experience.

Customer loyalty. Communication is an aspect strongly linked to the perception of the service and it is vital to remind customers that your company exists and takes care of them, even some time after a purchase. Non-invasive advertising and newsletters that take into account privacy and, at the same time, inform them about the offers and opportunities that the company decides to propose, allow you to have a communication channel that is always open and to implement personalized loyalty programs on preferences and purchasing habits of different customers with campaigns, promotions and dedicated discounts.

In the online market, it is no longer just enough to sell products and services that meet qualitative expectations: it is necessary to be able to count on effective e-commerce, capable of responding quickly and reliably to customer needs and facilitating conversion processes. For this reason, it can be useful to entrust the experience of professionals like MBE, able to provide e-commerce solutions and personalized services based on your business needs, from the creation of the website to warehouse logistics, including packing and shipping of goods.
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