Becoming part of a franchise business model is a valid opportunity that offers those intending to start their own business the advantage of being involved in a consolidated system based on proven methods and benefiting from the support of an established brand for their business from the start-up phase.

One of the main difficulties faced by those who want to start a new business concerns the immediate availability of economic resources and tools, but above all the need to build their own brand and customer base from scratch. Relying on a consolidated franchise network in the market means being able to count on a low-risk and low-cost commercial operation.

Affiliation with professionals in the sector allows you to save on organizational costs that are incumbent on those who start a business from scratch and often includes a design plan for the layout of the store and furniture. But how important is the support of the franchisor and what services should you expect when deciding to open a franchise?

Being part of a franchise network offers the opportunity to take advantage of proven methods to start a new business.

One of the most important benefits of a franchise business model is the ongoing support and ongoing endorsement of an established brand.

The most important types of franchisor support

The franchisor's support to new franchisees can vary significantly according to the type of contract and the sector. However, there are some services that constantly characterize the start-up phase of a new business, which can fully fall within the advantages of franchising. Here are the most important types of support offered to affiliates:

Support in identifying possible financing options. Having an overview of the expenses to be incurred is especially important in the start-up phase of the business in order to determine an effective operational plan.

In this context, in addition to the help coming from one's own consultants, the importance for the franchisees of the support of the franchisor is evident. She/he will evaluate any available financing options necessary to be able to face foreseen costs.

Own funds, loans, subsidies or grants: the support of the franchisor will be useful in analyzing the different options and helping you choose the one that is right for your business.

Location selection. The support of the franchisor in the selection of the physical location is important. In addition to evaluating and choosing the location for the new business, franchisees are sometimes provided with an indication of an exclusive geographical area, within which the franchisor will not authorize the opening of other centers (subject to any specific exceptions provided for in the franchise agreement).

Only then will the works comply with the local building regulations be carried out in order to develop the space according to the brand requirements: thanks to the support of the franchisor, it is possible to prepare a detailed plan for the design of the furnishings, the layout, the furniture, with particular attention to cost optimization and containing costs.

Training and operating methods. Training is undoubtedly one of the most important support services of the franchisor for the benefit of the franchisees, essential for learning how to manage the new business effectively. In addition to informing franchisees on operating methods and providing instructions for completing all management processes and protocols correctly, continuous training is a fundamental tool for ensuring the achievement and maintenance of quality standards, learning about any product innovation or regarding services, from new equipment to software. In-store or in the field, attention must therefore be paid to the basic aspects of system operation, in particular to the acquisition of skills for business development. Additional training sessions are often added to the initial training courses to constantly support the know-how and develop professional sales skills. In addition to training, administrative and technical support can be provided in the initial phase in order to improve performance and ensure better adherence to brand standards.

Framework agreements. Among the support services that a franchisor can provide to franchisees, there is the opportunity for franchisees to benefit from framework agreements signed by the franchisor with specific suppliers of products or services.

Franchisees are advised to buy from approved suppliers, with the aim of promoting economies of scale and working with suppliers capable of offering a uniform level of quality throughout the network.

Advertising and Marketing. Advertising and marketing are two key components to go to market and promote a new business. That is why they cannot be missing from the franchisor's support activities for franchisees: in addition to obtaining practical guidance and assistance for the inauguration, franchisees can receive assistance in launching campaigns organized by the franchisor to promote brand awareness and take advantage of marketing solutions tailored to the reference business in order to reach customers online and offline.

An internationally established network such as MBE can offer various business tools to those who open a franchise, as well as a wide range of services that allow local businesses and residents to solve everyday challenges.

Mail Boxes Etc. franchising offers a format that allows you to be part of a network of 1800 Service Centers worldwide: a system that provides continuous support and coaching so as to optimize your time.

MBE promotes entrepreneurship and provides all the ingredients needed to start a new business in a dynamic sector, such as business and private services: the solution for those who want to start a new business relying on the solidity of an established brand or for those who are already entrepreneurs that intend to invest in the services sector. MBE training is not limited to the start-up phase of the business, but is an integral part of a system that aims to enhance and increase the talent of affiliates and their team.

MBE provides updates on the new solutions proposed, meetings and workshops with a focus on business development and on new technologies and digital innovations to be offered to customers. Training takes place in the classroom, online and in the field, where expert entrepreneurs are often involved who fill the role of Certified Centers, specialized in supporting new entrepreneurs.

Thus, a relationship is established between experienced senior entrepreneurs and the new affiliates, where the comparison with expert and competent figures is one of the elements of great value that distinguishes the MBE world. In addition to training, MBE also provides constant support from the Network thanks to a team of experts engaged in the area. These are people in close contact with the franchisees, who have supported the franchisees since the beginning of the business. Training and support in MBE are elements of significant value for those who choose to join the MBE Network. 

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