The commerce sector today is characterized by the constant growth of online purchases and, consequently, by an ever-increasing volume of shipments.

Furthermore, e-commerce companies are constantly looking for services, solutions and technology capable of optimizing your work. For companies operating in the logistics, marketing and related services sector, this scenario represents an important development opportunity. However, it also means having to make important investments to keep up with the competition and customer demand. Furthermore, all this may not be sufficient to cope with an increasingly vast and potentially borderless market: at the same time, it is necessary to develop an extensive and reliable professional network of relationships and collaborations, which will enable you to generate new and profitable opportunities.

The development of networking for a company assumes strategic importance both in terms of brand consolidation and as an accelerator of its business, regardless of the sector of reference. Yet, there are not many companies that manage to build a network between customers or suppliers with perseverance and dedication: according to FinancesOnline research, despite the numerous advantages, only 25% of companies and professionals implement strategies for networking, while 41 percent say they do not have enough time to devote to building relationships that could potentially create business opportunities.

However, for those who intend to start their own business or want to expand their networking, the options do not end with personal initiative alone. Among the business models capable of responding effectively and quickly to those who intend to invest in the logistics services sector without isolating themselves, there is franchising. This is a formula that allows entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs to exploit the notoriety, know-how and efficiency of consolidated groups who are, on their part, looking for fresh energy and new ideas to expand their offer. Let us look at what the advantages are together.

Only 25% of companies and professionals implement networking strategies.

41% say they do not have enough time to focus on building networks.

The power of networking in franchising

Becoming part of a franchise network can be an advantageous solution for small companies or for those who wish to start their own business. Let us see what the main reasons are that make this choice an interesting option for those who intend to invest or for those looking for solutions to expand their business opportunities.

Access to new business opportunities: networking allows companies to expand their contacts and potential customers, suppliers and strategic partners. Through participation in industry events, trade shows, and professional associations, relationships can be established that can lead to new business opportunities, contracts, and profitable partnerships.

Sharing knowledge and resources: logistics and e-Commerce are characterized by a wide range of skills and resources necessary for providing high quality services. Through franchise networking, franchise partners can share their experiences, best practices and expert knowledge with other professionals. This mutual exchange of information fosters learning and continuous improvement, allowing businesses to stay up-to-date on the latest trends, technology and innovation.

Strategic Collaboration: a solid and structured network offers the opportunity to establish strategic partnerships with other complementary companies in the logistics sector. These partnerships can lead to operational synergies, cost sharing and access to new markets. The collaboration between highly specialized players can also take on a strategic role to offer integrated solutions for logistics and marketing to its customers. This collaboration makes it possible to offer a more complete and differentiated service, thus increasing competitiveness.

Reputation and visibility: networking allows companies to build and consolidate their brand. By participating in industry events, conferences and webinars, it is possible to increase the company's visibility and position itself as a reliable and competent point of reference. Actively participating in discussions and sharing relevant content on social media and industry-specific online platforms helps improve your reputation and attract potential customers. Affiliation through franchising allows you to make use of all the advantages of a consolidated brand in terms of reputation and knowledge of the services offered.

Having a recognizable image, being able to count on the right suppliers, enjoying the opportunity for continuous and constant training, having access to advanced solutions and consolidated strategies: these are just some of the advantages that can be achieved through affiliation to a franchise.


Mail Boxes Etc. is made up of a vast international network of competent professionals. MBE is a leading global commerce platform providing e-Commerce, shipping, logistics, marketing and printing solutions to support SMEs and individuals. Thanks to our team of experts, continuous training and an established brand, the MBE franchise offers support to companies that want to increase their competitiveness and always offer the best service to their customers.

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