For businesses, the holiday season represents a period of intense activity and of enormous importance for consolidating and developing their business. Furthermore, the Christmas shopping window has expanded considerably in recent years: consumers are increasingly inclined to buy online in advance, taking advantage of the offers and discounts that companies offer on special days such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Which are the best-selling online products at Christmas? Knowing the market trends to focus on is of fundamental importance to have greater conversion opportunities. For companies that have decided to accept the challenge of a potentially vast but also very competitive market, the numbers are truly encouraging and e-commerce in Europe continues to record truly interesting growth figures. According to the latest European Report on e-commerce, the turnover of B2C online commerce has grown further, going from 849 billion Euros in 2021 to 899 billion Euros in 2022, with a growth rate of 6% which according to estimates should increase in the current year by two percentage points, thus reaching the figure of 975 billion euros and further consolidating this trend.

The changing habits of consumers have also contributed to the development of purchases online, as customers are increasingly inclined to purchase items on offer, at times out of season, and then send their gifts by relying on shipping services. Another determining factor is represented by the EU directives in terms of digital transformation and sustainability, with e-commerce solutions which have made it possible to intercept the needs and ecological sensitivity of users, willing for example to pay more for an item if accompanied by green packaging. Therefore, let us look at the most popular online products sold at Christmas.

Online commerce turnover has a growth rate of 6%.

The percentage of those who regularly purchase online is 78%.

The 7 best-selling products at Christmas

According to a study conducted by Eurostat, over 90% of European citizens have access to the internet, while the percentage of those who regularly purchase on the web in 2023 is 78%. Furthermore, in recent years, thanks to a decisive change in online shopping habits, niche items or products traditionally sold in physical stores have begun to figure among the best-selling products at Christmas, jumping to the top of the sales charts and opening thus new and profitable scenarios. Let us see what they are:

Toys for kids. As we know, Christmas is magical for them. For this reason, toys are at the top of the list of the best-selling Christmas gifts online. Dolls, building toys and traditional games, but not only: among the current trends there is an ever-increasing space for toys made with recycled materials and those capable of stimulating learning and encouraging a fun approach to disciplines such as mathematics or physics.

Cosmetics and Perfumes. Among the best-selling items online at Christmas, a leading position undoubtedly goes to personal care products. Once dedicated almost exclusively to female customers, today this sector involves a large portion of male consumers, who are increasingly attentive to their well-being and appearance: face and body creams, perfumes, hair and beard care lotions are among the most appreciated and widespread gifts.

Consumer electronics. The attention and meticulous care in packaging by brands and players who deal with shipping and logistics services have made the purchase of electronic devices safe and one of the increasingly widespread trends among those who buy online at Christmas. Smartphones, tablets, computers, bluetooth headphones and smartwatches are always at the top of wish lists, but products related to home automation and home and car security, such as micro-cameras and wi-fi sockets, are also finding more and more space.

Video Games and consoles. New releases or updates to existing consoles often appear well before Christmas, fueling the desires of young and old alike. Videogames are a widely consolidated reality and represent the ideal choice for those who want to buy online at Christmas with the guarantee of being able to satisfy the entire family unit. By purchasing online, it is also possible to check the processing of the order and follow the journey of the package via tracking services-.

Books. Bestsellers, new releases, children's literature,art and photography volumes are always a popular choice. The immense offer available and the ease of returns procedures, in the event of double presents,  have given a new boost  to sales in the publishing sector.

Gourmet food and drinks. Christmas hampers, chocolate, wines and spirits are often given as gifts during the holidays. If once consumers relied exclusively on the local shop or the large Food & Beverage chains, today this is no longer the case: great progress in the field of shipping, with packaging capable of safeguarding both the physical and organic integrity of the products and increasingly shorter delivery times have pushed food and drinks into the top ranks of the best-selling products online at Christmas.

Christmas decorations. Among the best-selling products at Christmas there are tree decorations, scented candles, flashing lights and other ornaments, an increasingly important trend that has pushed numerous online companies to offer items in this sector on offer since the end of summer. Holidays are an opportunity to experience the home environment in serenity and harmony, and creating the right atmosphere is an integral part of feeling good about yourself and your loved ones. Even during the peaks in Christmas orders it is essential not only to have an effective marketing strategy but also to be able to guarantee punctual shipping services and professional packaging procedures tailored to the customer.

For businesses that sell online, MBE offers a wide range of services capable of meeting the different needs of the e-commerce world: from warehouse and order management, to packaging and shipping services. Contact the MBE Center closest to you to discover the services and solutions tailor-made for your business.

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Top-selling products include toys for kids, personal care and wellness products, consumer electronics, video games and consoles, books, gourmet food and beverages, and holiday decorations.
Trends indicate that consumers are increasingly shopping online, in advance, taking advantage of special offers such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
Knowing market trends allows companies to have greater conversion opportunities, to develop targeted marketing strategies and to prepare efficient logistics and warehouse management services.
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