E-commerce is a rapidly growing sector that is driving the international economy with really significant numbers.

According to the latest European E-commerce Report commissioned by Eurostat, the European market has reached an estimated turnover of over 757 billion euros and is experiencing a constantly growing trend. There are many categories of articles that have contributed in a decisive way to fuel sales online. The new buying habits affect various sectors, from that of well-being to that linked to technological devices and gadgets.

But what is the ranking of the best-selling products online between 2020 and 2021? Here is the main evidence that emerged from studies and sector research on recent consumer habits.

Over 89% of European citizens have access to the internet

Clothing and essential goods are the most requested products online.

The 10 categories of best-selling products online

A study conducted by Eurostat calculates that over 89% of European citizens have access to the internet. Since mid-2020, the relationship between consumers and e-commerce has changed: items that were not included in purchases have instead jumped into the top rankings of the best sellers online. An increasingly high-performance internet connection and the use of smartphones have also made online shopping quick and easy: banking systems have adapted to transactions, helping to overcome mistrust and instilling greater security in e-commerce purchases. Based on the data collected by the report, among the product sectors most requested by online consumers we find clothing, items related to home and personal care. Consumer appliances, children's toys and cosmetics follow in this ranking. Here are the 10 main categories of the best-selling items on the web.

Clothing. The first place in the ranking of the best-selling products online goes to clothing. Whether it is shoes, accessories for sports activities or clothes, this sector is in excellent health and is at the top of the most desired e-commerce items and able to respond to the desires and needs of a very large group of consumers.

Furniture, home accessories and gardening products. Although these items have always been in an excellent position in the rankings of online purchases, the growing diffusion of remote working, and the search for spaces capable of responding to new needs has allowed this sector to take a decisive leap forward. The use of virtual reality and the ability to design home environments, based on your own spaces and needs, have improved the experience of buying furniture and furnishings and have fostered the growth of the entire sector.

Consumer Electronics. The technology sector is a sector that records high-level sales performance every year, driven by smartphones, tablets, laptops and Bluetooth systems for audio, music and video. The wide range of what manufacturers offer and the constantly evolving proposals in terms of connectivity, combined with the need to equip ourselves with better performing devices, has pushed the electronics sector to increasingly high business volumes.

Cosmetics. Among the best-selling items online, items related to well-being and personal care stand out. Once driven almost exclusively by women, this sector has recently seen a marked growth in male consumers, increasingly attentive to personal care and increasingly sensitive to beauty products. Recognized by consumers as necessary products for daily care, face creams, lotions for body or hair care and children's hygiene are now an integral part of the beauty routine of those who buy online.

Pharmacies. A recent new-entry to the ranking, these items were once purchased almost exclusively in pharmacies and para-pharmacies. Today they are ordered online thanks to the speed of delivery, obtained through efficient logistical processes, and to the relationship of trust that is established between the seller and the user, elements on which this sector is developing.

Sports and fitness equipment. The need to find smart solutions to keep fit appears to be among the factors that have contributed to the success of this sector. Among the best-selling products online we find treadmills, indoor cycling, weights, fitness benches, rowing machines, mats and equipment for Yoga and Pilates and everything that can be used at home or in your garden to practice physical activity.

Children’s toys. These items are often gifted and purchased to encourage the sharing of moments of leisure with the family and to stimulate the little ones to do activities that take them away from tablet and computer screens. Construction and board games and those related to music, art and design are among the most popular when shopping online.

Cleaning and hygiene items. The articles in this category today enjoy differentiated sales channels that make them available online on different portals and stores. Greater attention to hygiene issues has boosted the purchase of hypoallergenic and antibacterial products, prompting consumers to replace sponges, cloths and other cleaning tools more frequently.

Books, magazines and newspapers. Today the web offers an almost endless catalog of titles; this aspect, combined with the possibility of saving on the cost of the cover, has given new life to the publishing market. It is also necessary to consider how the number of booksellers who have activated online sales channels has grown and therefore adopted a business model that had initially seemed to penalize the sector.

Products for animals. Among the sectors that have experienced greater growth in recent times, there are also products for animals. According to a study by Fediaf, the body that represents the European Pet Food Industry, on the continent almost 40% of families own pets, a figure that alone is enough to highlight the potential of the market which has an annual growth rate. estimated at nearly 3%.

The ranking of the best-selling products online highlights a common denominator that can be identified in the synergy between logistics and online business . Entrusting your shipments to an expert and reliable partner represents an opportunity for companies to offer quality services and to free up internal resources, saving time.

For activities that are based on online commerce, MBE provides services capable of responding to various needs, from warehouse and order management, to packing and shipments.

Contact the MBE Center closest to you to discover the best solutions for your business.

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