Investing in a new business project requires a considerable commitment in terms of time and economic resources: you must face the challenges posed by the market in which you wish to develop your business, carefully evaluating the potential return on investment.

For these reasons, choosing and starting a successful franchise represents a strategic choice that can significantly accelerate the growth and expansion of a business.Although there is no unanimous agreement on the statistics relating to the success rate of franchising, in a more recent study, Frannet analyzed approximately 1,500 businesses, finding that almost 92% of the businesses examined are still operational after two years, while 85 % continue its activity after five years. The statistics therefore provide an analysis of the main elements that can positively influence the development of this type of commercial activity.

Knowing these factors in advance will allow potential entrepreneurs to make an informed choice and successfully start a franchising business that not only responds to market needs, but is also able to support future challenges, ensuring sustainable, profitable commercial development.In fact, the success of a franchise strongly depends on the ability to select the right partner, who not only aligns with your entrepreneurial aspirations, but also offers a consolidated structure and continuous support throughout the duration of the collaboration.In this article, we will analyze the fundamental characteristics that allow us to identify a successful franchise, with the aim of guiding potential entrepreneurs during the process that leads to the selection of a reliable partner. From a clear understanding of the business model to evaluating the reliability and reputation of the brand, we will illustrate how to identify and evaluate opportunities in the market, which can transform the desire to start a new business into a tangible and profitable reality.

According to Frannet, 91.2% of new franchises are still active two years after starting business and 85% remain open even after five years.

Oxford Economics highlights how in the United States alone, franchises record sales percentages that are almost twice higher than traditional companies.

How to recognize a successful franchise

Recognizing a successful franchise is essential for anyone who wants to invest in this business model. The choice of a well-structured and tested system, supported by a strong brand recognized by customers, allows you to significantly reduce business risks and attract investments and partnerships more easily, thanks to the trust and credibility that this established brand brings.

Regardless of the product sector in which you want to start a new business, a winning franchise stands out for the presence of these elements:

Proven business system. A successful franchise offers a proven system, complete with procedures and processes that have already proven their effectiveness to a large network of partners. As an affiliate, you must have clear and well-defined sales processes and financial benefits that allow you to benefit from important tax advantages. Moreover, a consolidated and happy customer base is an essential element that can significantly influence the success of a franchise. An affiliation that enjoys high loyalty and positive reviews demonstrates the validity of the business model and its ability to meet market expectations, thus guaranteeing a revenue flow and stable and sustainable growth in the long term.

Solid Brand identity. A coherent and solid brand identity represents one of the main characteristics that a successful franchise must have. In addition to including the design, logo and layout, this visual identity defines the very essence of the brand. It is through this identity that the brand manages to capture the attention of its potential customers. Furthermore, a coherent and recognizable brand identity on all communication channels, both online and offline, helps consolidate the brand's image externally, guaranteeing reliability to potential customers and company stakeholders. A well-defined brand identity not only conveys the company's personality and values, but also its professionalism, thus helping to build a lasting reputation that allows it to stand out amidst the competition.

Effective Business plan. It is important that the chosen brand offers a sustainable economic formula, with clear and well-defined markups on products or services, which allow you to carefully evaluate the parent company's offer, comparing it with the specific needs of your target market. The business plan for franchising must ensure that the selling price largely covers the purchase costs, while ensuring profit and sustainability and taking into account all operating costs. Furthermore, the parent company must provide its affiliates with support during all the phases necessary for starting a new business: from the creation of a business plan to the planning of a personalized growth path updated with the most recent market dynamics. The most important franchisors collect, analyze and share updates on market trends with their affiliates, necessary to modify their strategy in real time in relation to new customer needs.

Marketing omnichannel strategies. The ability to reach customers across multiple channels, both traditional and digital, allows affiliates to maximize their visibility and reach a broader audience. A successful franchise should offer comprehensive support to its entrepreneurs, providing them with access to integrated marketing campaigns ranging from national to local initiatives. The marketing strategy must have the objective of facilitating the acquisition of new customers and promoting the brand, also giving affiliates the necessary support to implement any local initiatives, essential for the development of the business in the area in which the new company is based. Thanks to well-planned omnichannel marketing strategies, affiliates can obtain tangible results in achieving their commercial objectives and consolidating their presence in the local market.

Continuous support and training. The chosen brand must provide continuous training to its entrepreneurs, both online and in person, through certified centers. These training programs must have the objective of analyzing all the operational aspects connected to the management of the business in detail and must also address the main issues relating to the administrative and financial control of the company. It is through this training that franchisees acquire the necessary skills to start a successful franchise, both in terms of operational management and strategic development. Generally, the more structured brands allow entrepreneurs to have the direct support of a large network of affiliates, from whom it is possible to ask for support, receiving valuable information to solve the main problems associated with managing a commercial business.

To identify a successful franchise, it is therefore necessary to carefully evaluate the distinctive characteristics and services offered by the brand with which you intend to start a commercial collaboration. Mail Boxes Etc. provides entrepreneurs with a business system tested for over 30 years that allows you to boost your entrepreneurial career by offering professional services to small and medium-sized businesses. Opening an MBE Center allows you to become part of one of the largest commercial networks in the world, managed by independent entrepreneurs who offer individuals and companies customized solutions for logistics and e-Commerce, shipping and marketing and printing services. MBE will always be at your side providing you with tools and techniques designed to develop and consolidate your business in the long term.

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