For those who run an e-commerce based business , Black Friday represents one of the most important moments of the year, in which it is necessary to cope with an important peak in demand and traffic.

Our services to support logistics are created precisely to optimize the online shopping chain, allowing you to better manage warehouse movements. On the occasion of the Black Friday weekend, and until Cyber Monday, each phase must be organized in the best possible way to respond effectively and in good time to the boom in requests and not to disappoint customers' expectations. But how can you fully exploit the potential of this event to transform it into an opportunity to grow your business? Let’s see the aspects that must be considered and the necessary steps to get ready for this event.

Logistics during Black Friday: supply chain phases

During the Black Friday period the sales of an e-commerce can increase up to ten times: the offer of products and services at a reduced price becomes a great business opportunity for reaching new customers and boost sales, but only if your company is prepared to manage the sudden increase in sales volumes. To make the various aspects of the supply chain of your e-commerce efficient, it is important to implement a strategy that is based on timely organization of shipments and efficient planning of all parts of the supply chain. Offering a pleasant shopping experience to your customers is one of the priorities: the operations to be planned start with the logistics and extend to different stages of the sales process, from the optimal functioning of the platform to the delivery of goods.

It is important to implement a strategy and efficient planning of all parts of the supply chain.

Offering a pleasant shopping experience to your customers is one of the priorities.

The main stages in the supply chain within e-commerce are:

1. Warehouse management and organization.

2. Receipt of orders through check out.

3. Order fulfillment.

4. Shipment Tracking.It is a series of different but closely interlinked activities that begins with customers placing an order and ends with products arriving at their destination.

The next step in processing the order is picking up the goods from the warehouse, which implies good organization and structuring of product storage.Once selected, the goods to be shipped must be packed together with the accompanying documentation (invoice and delivery note). The last step is the shipment which takes place after the preparation of the order, preceded by the choice of the most suitable courier for the product and the final destination. Finally, a tracking service will allow you to monitor the progress of the shipment, up to delivery. But how should you manage each step with maximum efficiency and without making mistakes?Here are some tips that may be useful for you to better prepare your warehouse for Black Friday.

3 Advice for preparing the warehouse for Black Friday

The warehouse is the heart of the logistics of an e-commerce based business ; managing it with precision through targeted planning will help you better deal with the wave of orders linked to Black Friday. The three winning moves to prepare you for the peak phase of online orders are:

Planning. Dealing with every phase of capillary distribution, including last mile and reverse logistics (the set of processes designed to manage returns or the return of products that must be repaired at the lowest possible cost), can be complicated when sales start to increase fast. To effectively plan warehouse activities, from shipments to deliveries, it can be very useful to entrust their management to a partner specialized in e-commerce logistics management will take care of the customization of orders, the management of returns and transport procedures, so you can save time and money. Mail Boxes Etc. offers you a wide range of solutions, which is not limited to shipping but includes many other important operational aspects like collection, storage of materials and printing of documents, up to the procedures for packing and shipping the goods.In addition, the MBE Centers can also take care of the inventory of warehouse stocks and returns, monitoring each phase through accurate and reliable update reports.

Leveraging technology. Leveraging professional technology and software to manage and plan your delivery orders will help you to keep up with the demand peak on Black Friday while staying in control of your business. Processing orders automatically and accurately is the best way to optimize the timing of each operation, maintaining a high level of efficiency, not only during Black Friday. With MBE e-LINK plugin we connect your e-commerce to MBE systems to optimize the complete management of your orders and logistics. A 360° service that allows you to focus on your business and be more efficient, entrusting the management of every aspect and process related to logistics to the competence and experience of MBE Centers.

Enable traceability at every stage. Besides planning the various phases of the supply chain, complete process traceability is also essential, allowing for real-time warehouse and logistics monitoring. This will allow you to offer an efficient service to the customer and provide an overview of useful data available to be able to intervene and make strategic decisions in case of any errors and/or unforeseen events.

MBE Centers help you prepare your e-commerce in order to manage even the most demanding periods, such as Black Friday: our experts complete all the documentation for the shipment of the goods and take care of customs procedures and transport documents thanks to their skills developed in the import-export field. Contact your MBE Center and discover all the Mail Boxes Etc. solutions for your business.

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