If you deal in e-commerce, customer service is one of the fundamental aspects to establish a relationship of trust with your customers and to make your business more competitive: it gives added value that greatly improves the shopping experience throughout the sales process.

A quality service must be able not only to solve problems but also to anticipate them, offering valid solutions, which are both simple and timely to allow problems to be dealt with quickly.

In fact, to improve the customer service of your e-commerce, it is essential to be efficient throughout the process, from sending the package to after-sales service.

Here are some tips to optimize the user experience and better manage the shipping flows of your e-commerce.

Respond effectively to user requests.

Respond in a timely manner.

3 Advice to improve the customer service of your e-commerce

One of the fundamental requirements for managing customer service in an optimal way is knowing how to respond effectively to user requests: to do this, it is essential to develop excellent communication skills, but this is not the only skill necessary to improve assistance for your shipments. Professionalism and good problem-solving skills are also necessary.

In the event of complaints and unforeseen events, it is always of fundamental importance to take responsibility for the incident and above all to respond in a timely manner, not ignoring feedback even when it is negative.

But let us move on to the practical aspect: how might you concretely translate these skills improving user satisfaction with relation to the shipments of your e-commerce? There are three steps in particular to follow to make your customer service flawless:

  • Be flexible. When demand for your e-commerce exceed expectations, it is important to know how to better manage the workflows, not only to offer the right support in every post-sales phase, but also to be able to respond to doubts and clarifications that go beyond the FAQ page: solving a customer's problem, including any errors, delays or non-deliveries, will give your e-commerce an edge over the competition, building customer loyalty. Entrusting your national and international shipments to MBE means being able to count on a series of flexible solutions, which are tailored for you: Mail Boxes Etc. professionals are ready to support you by identifying the service closest to your needs and competently assisting you in every phase of the process.
  • Taking care of packaging. Packaging is an effective way of expressing the values of your brand: the first impression is crucial in conveying your message to the customer, which is why taking care of the packaging is an essential part of your e-commerce. Choose eco-sustainable and reusable materials to offer a quality service to your customers: MBE packaging solutions, thanks to the use of specialized products and accuracy in all packaging phases, allow you to save time and drastically reduce the risk of damage your products during shipping.
  • Verify procedures every 6 months. The procedures needed to improve the customer service of your online platform in shipments require continuous revisions: especially when using technology or dealing with web channels and social networks, it is essential to update your assistance team constantly seeking new solutions, enabling you to achieve complete customer satisfaction. Check the procedures every six months and verify the effectiveness of the processes used to correct any weaknesses.

How to increase the efficiency of Customer Service by tracking orders

The tracking of your e-commerce orders deserves separate consideration. This is a procedure of fundamental importance for offering a good customer care service and making the shopping experience of your customers truly enjoyable.

Logistics management can become problematic when an overload occurs: the best strategy to ensure that you always provide a precise and timely service is to make sure the information on the progress of your orders is correct and constantly updated.

Tracking can represent the real strength of your e-commerce, a strategic asset to return reliable and effective data to your customers.

As we have seen, good customer service is the one that works in advance on requests, earning the trust of customers so as to beat the competition: any change in the status of the order must be promptly communicated, so as to preempt the buyers' questions and update the data in real time.

To keep customers informed about the position, status and arrival of their orders, you can use an after-sales management platform. i.e., a portal from which all orders shipped can be checked. An automated service of this type will allow you not only to send personalized communications on any change in the order status, but also to always keep everything under control.

Tracking requests requires a fast and effective operational service, which allows you to respond to order questions in real time: reducing the time dedicated to resolving unforeseen events is the best strategy not only to avoid increasing costs but above all to gain customer confidence.

Ideally, you should be able to resolve user requests on the first call: having all the details of the packages sent available will allow you to improve customer service, thanks to intelligent management of each step.

In order not to make mistakes and always have the certainty of offering your customers a high-quality service, you can contact a team of professionals: Mail Boxes Etc. takes control of your orders and also supports you in logistics management. With MBE Online you can manage shipments via the web, quickly and easily, while maintaining full visibility of all ongoing activities. MBE Online is an easy-to-use interface, also optimized for mobile devices, where you can access information, create your reports with ease and monitor all shipping activities.

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