Easter, which this year will be April 17, is upon us and, like all holidays, constitutes an important opportunity for companies to implement targeted and creative marketing activities.

In fact, after Christmas, this spring holiday represents the time of the year when consumers make more significant purchases: typical sweets, travel, sports and hiking equipment push the market and favor the trend towards consumption destined for conviviality and this season. However, there are plenty of business opportunities even for those sectors that are not directly linked to the festivity and want to stand out both online and offline.

During the holidays, many purchasing decisions are driven by emotions. Careful planning that takes into account an increase in orders and is able to promptly propose marketing and communication initiatives in addition to more traditional promotions, are elements capable of creating competitive advantage and responding suitably to customer needs. But how to win the challenge with the competition? Here are some marketing ideas to exploit for Easter: initiatives and practical strategies to be implemented to stand out with original proposals to better manage your business.

Use the brand's social media pages to boost your Easter marketing campaign

Invest in specific Easter-themed packing

Marketing Strategies to Get Ready for the Easter Holidays

Distinctive and personalized communication, the quality of services and products offered are the key points around which an effective communication campaign linked to the holidays revolves. The aspects involved are many and mainly concern integrated online and offline communication: however there are aspects that involve the company structure and the quality of the service in a deeper way. Let us have a look at some of the marketing strategies for Easter that are particularly useful to increase visibility, traffic and business opportunities.

Add an “Easter touch” to the website. Buyers love to recognize and reflect themselves in the brand and in the values transmitted by the company. An updated site, with a consistent tone of voice and able to communicate participation in the holiday is an excellent business card that makes the customer understand that the company is ready to meet their expectations.

Create themed communication materials. An integrated communication campaign with adequate timing can be a great starting point to highlight your business and your products. Use a correct tone of voice and thematic graphics to create brochures, flyers, banners, social media posts and newsletters to better communicate the promotions designed for the occasion.

Propose special offers for Easter. The creation of a timed promotion is a strategy that often receives approval and encourages customers to respond in a timely manner to proposals, if truly advantageous, original and characterized by that exclusivity capable of giving buyers the feeling of getting a good deal. It doesn't matter what you sell - don't forget to highlight your offers! -.

Highlight the quality of services. In some periods of the year, it may be necessary to increase the efficiency of some services: sales, holidays, anniversaries and other initiatives represent great opportunities but require special attention. Those who choose to buy holiday gifts online want shipments to arrive on time. At Easter, highlighting the quality of your service can be an excellent marketing strategy that can increase customer confidence and lead to the realization of the sale. The satisfied customers you acquire with these special initiatives will remember your brand in the future.

Use custom packing. A package that arrives at its destination on time is an excellent calling card, but in the end, it is what every customer expects. Well-finished, recognizable packing in keeping with the recurrence of the moment is an excellent service that will not go unnoticed. Entrusting shipments to an expert partner will help you to offer professional and customized solutions able to meet customer expectations.

Send greetings or small gifts. Businesses wishing to demonstrate their proximity to customers, suppliers or employees can use emails, themed postcards or personalized gadgets to send greeting messages. It is a simple idea but it clearly expresses the intention of wanting to dedicate time and resources to your customers, partners or collaborators.

Align Social Networks. Use the brand's social media pages to boost your Easter marketing campaign and drive more traffic to your website. Social channels such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn help companies to expand their communication effectiveness, to communicate with their followers and advertise offers and promotions.

Finally, an effective Easter marketing strategy must be matched by an adequate structure of all aspects related to order management, which are essential for completing the communication work. This year plan your marketing campaign for Easter, follow our advice and if you need an efficient and reliable partner to do all this, you can count on the support of MBE Centers. Logistics and e-commerce, packing and shipping, print and marketing: with MBE Solutions you can best manage your business during Easter, without surprises.

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