In an increasingly competitive, dynamic, supply rich market, it is essential to stand out from the competition with a strong and easily identifiable corporate and product image.

For this reason, it is essential to be able to count on branding strategies capable of conveying not only the company mission and values but also the quality of your commercial offering based on the target audience.Branding a product is an element of primary importance: according to the Marketsplash website, an effective logo can increase the recognisability of a company by 80%, while over 60% of customers tend to avoid commercial proposals coming from companies with unattractive logos.

Furthermore, a Nielsen study reveals that 59% of consumers prefer to buy new items from brands they are familiar with. Investing in visual communication is, therefore, fundamental for companies that have to make their way and gain customers and market share, but it is not always easy: small businesses and artisans, with limited resources and budgets, sometimes overlook the importance of a coordinated image, neglecting elements such as labeling and packaging which could instead contribute significantly to consolidating customer loyalty. It is therefore necessary to intervene to avoid limiting the potential of your business by underestimating the importance of product branding. Let us examine how.

An effective logo can increase the recognition of a company by 80%.

Furthermore, a Nielsen study reveals that 59% of consumers prefer to buy new items from brands they are familiar with.

The advantages of product branding

Product branding is a complex but essential process that can contribute fundamentally to the sustainability of a business. Investing in an effective and well-structured project not only helps to boost your commercial proposal in a crowded and competitive market, but also constitutes a solid foundation for the future of the company, making it recognizable, respected and, above all, selected by consumers. Let us see what aspects to consider.

Coherent visual identity. The visual identity of a brand is much more than a logo or a color scheme: it is the element that communicates the brand's mission, values and personality. This identity must be consistent across all marketing materials, from the website to packaging, from social media to product labels. Visual consistency helps strengthen recognition on several levels and build consumer trust. To achieve this result, you require strategies and professionalism capable of designing a path relating the company mission to the needs of the target audience.

Communication and positioning. A company must communicate not only what it sells, but why consumers should choose its items over those of the competition. The positioning of the brand compared to competitors must highlight the company's strengths and unique selling propositions. For example, artisans and small businesses can differentiate themselves from mass production through product branding, placing emphasis on the quality and uniqueness of their items and connect with the potential target audience in a direct and more immediate way.

Flexibility and adaptability. Flexibility is essential for any business, especially in a market subject to changing customer habits and capable of changing rapidly. Large companies, SMEs and artisans operating in e-commerce must therefore be able to evolve and adapt their product branding in response to new trends, to avoid the risk of seeing their image become obsolete. This does not mean changing mission or losing one's basic identity but, through careful operations rebranding, updating and refreshing your visual communication in order to maintain modernity, recognizability and relevance over time.

How to brand products

Product branding is a process that requires attention, dedication and strategy. There are concrete and accessible steps even for small businesses that can be used to make their brand more attractive. Here are the most important ones.

Contact graphic design professionals. In visual communication, do-it-yourself can be a double-edged sword. Relying on professional graphic designers or using specialist software to design a corporate image is essential to ensuring that all visual brand materials are consistent and professional. These tools allow you to develop designs capable of reflecting the personality of the brand and optimized for different print formats, guaranteeing a coherent and quality result.

Customize labels and packaging. A fundamental aspect in branding a product is its packaging. Using customized adhesive labels to apply to your merchandise is an effective way to capture consumer attention and convey brand values. Professional printing services offer the ability to create labels that can include your company logo, product information, and unique designs that align with your brand aesthetic. This type of customization not only increases the visibility of the brand but also the perception of quality and attention to detail.

Print on various media. Exploring the possibility of printing on different materials and supports can open new avenues for branding. For example, in addition to specific labels for individual products, it is worth considering the possibility of branding the packaging used for shipments and gadgets. This approach not only increases brand consistency but also allows you to reach customers at unexpected times in various ways.

MBE printing services are the perfect solution for creating labels and stickers for your products and making your brand image more effective. Through the use of highly specialized software and staff, Mail Boxes Etc. helps you personalize every aspect of communication, from labeling to packaging to communicate the value of your work and the quality of your products, to boost your business and build customer loyalty and conquer new segments of the market.

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This is a strategic process that aims to give a distinctive visual and communicative identity to a product, based on the corporate image.
Branding captures the attention and helps to distinguish your proposal from that of competitors, increasing the visibility of the brand and the perception of quality and care of the proposal.
A well-structured and effective branding process can give a significant boost to the commercial proposal and sales, helping the company to emerge and build the solid credibility that is necessary for a growth process.
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