In an era of digital transformation, where consumers tastes and purchasing habits are constantly evolving, rebranding strategies play a fundamental role in revitalizing a company’s image and responding promptly to new market demands.
The current landscape is increasingly competitive, dynamic and filled with diversified offerings and products: as a result, it is vital to prioritize the corporate image, in order to differentiate oneself from competitors, forge emotional connections with customers, and be prepared to make decisions that modernize, refresh, and reposition your brand visually. What does rebranding mean? This term indicates a brand identity renewal process, a marketing operation that involves the creation of a new image for an existing product or brand that can involve the name, logo, design, color choice or tone of voice of communication. It is a delicate and complex process that demands careful consideration of multiple factors: according to Forbes magazine, a total overhaul of a brand can take between 12 and 18 months. The brand identity, in fact, constitutes the pillar of a company's identity and can influence the perception of the product within the market; therefore, it becomes crucial to stay updated on current trends and be aligned with your target. Let us explore when and how to implement this strategy to breathe new life into your business.

Refreshing a trademark can take up to 18 months of work.

60% of consumers tend to avoid companies whose logo is unattractive.

When to do rebranding

 As reported by StudyFinds, 60% of consumers avoid companies whose logo is considered to be unattractive, although their products’ reviews may be good, , while over 50% of respondents say they are more inclined to choose products whose brand is easily recognizable. . Having an impactful logo and a corporate image that stays relevant with the changing times is crucial to maintain competitiveness in the market. That is why, as reported by Entrepreneur magazine, most companies consider doing a major rebrand every 7-10 years and constantly make small changes to improve their visual identity.

When is the right time to go through a rebranding and why? And what are the crucial factors to be taken into consideration? Let us take a look at some of them.

Align a new positioning with your corporate image. When a business moves in a new strategic direction, it becomes crucial for its brand to embody this transformation. Rebranding allows you to communicate the new objectives and the new path that you are following, leading to an alignment between public perception and the desired positioning. The selection of color, font and tone of communication does not happen randomly and is not dictated by personal preferences , but all these elements represent a precious resource for establishing an empathetic contact with potential customers. It is therefore necessary to entrust these choices to professionals capable of interpreting the needs of the business in the best way possible.

The need to attract new market segments. Sometimes, when companies venture into new markets or aim to appeal to different audiences, adjusting their visual image can be instrumental in presenting their products or services in a more appealing manner to these new segments. Customizing your communication becomes essential to enhance effectiveness with these fresh targets. However, it is vital to avoid a fragmented or incomplete restyling approach. Instead, a comprehensive project is needed, encompassing various marketing solutions such as website design and promotional gadgets, along with print materials like flyers, brochures, and business cards. This holistic strategy ensures a cohesive and unified brand identity that resonates with the intended audience and maximizes the impact of the rebranding effort. 

Differentiate yourself from the competition. In saturated market segments, it can be very difficult to stand out and be noticed. However, an effective rebranding can help you differentiate yourself from your competitors, highlighting the uniqueness of your offer. Being able to count not only on an effective logo, but also on customized packaging materials, can contribute significantly to the diffusion of your brand identity and convey the identity of the company.

Respond to significant changes in the business environment. Whether it is technological innovations, new market trends, mergers or acquisitions, an ever-changing environment can require a brand refresh to maintain relevance and adapt to the current landscape. . Rebranding proves to be an effective means to communicate these changes , giving a new boost to your business.

 Regenerate a negative image. Rebranding is often regarded as a solution to restore a compromised reputation or repair image damage, especially after a period of crisis. An image renewal, if well thought out and able to express the growth path undertaken by a companu, can convincingly convey the resolution of corporate problems, thus helping to restore public trust. This strategic reset of the brand image serves as a powerful communication tool, providing tangible evidence of the company's evolution and conveying a positive message that helps regain the esteem and confidence of its audience. 

 Trust the Printing and Marketing Solutions of Mail Boxes plan and renew your business image effectively and coherently with your brand identity. Thanks to MBE's experts, you will be able to improve your overall visual communication, and by selecting the most suitable style for your business, you will be able to relaunch your company’s coordinated image.

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Rebranding is a process of changing brand identity, a marketing operation that involves creating a new image of an existing product or brand that can involve the name, logo, design, color choice or tone of communication.
Rebranding is advisable when the company evolves its strategic direction, expands into new markets, wants to attract a different audience, needs to differentiate itself from the competition, responds to significant changes in the business environment, or needs to regain credibility.
Yes, adapting your brand identity can help present your product in a more attractive way for new market segments, personalizing communication to make it more efficient towards new targets.
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