Nowadays, transport via pallet is increasingly popular. It represents a central aspect in the management of logistics and in the distribution of industrial goods and consumer goods.

Shipping on pallets allows large and small companies, as well as individuals, to send a large number of goods in a single solution, with significant benefits in terms of time and costs. According to the data recently published by EPAL, 2021 closed with a record performance: in fact, 101.3 million new pallets were placed on the market, a growth of 5.5% compared to the previous year and in line with the positive trend that has been confirmed every year to date. But what does pallet shipping consist of and how is it managed? Let us look at this together.

What is a Pallet and How Does the Transport Take place

Originally developed for military needs and quickly adopted in the field of civil logistics for the transport of often bulky goods and equipment, the pallet is today the undisputed first choice in national and international logistics for shipments of all kinds.

The term "pallet" indicates a horizontal platform, usually made of wood, although there are variants in metal, plastic and pressed cardboard, made with constructive and structural characteristics that allow it to be used as a support base on which to place goods and products of various nature to be used for transport. The particular shape of the base, raised and equipped with slits, allows the use of mechanical machinery, such as pallet trucks and forklifts, for simple and fast handling of light or heavy loads. The pallet, properly packaged by specialized workers, is taken by the couriers and sent, by road, sea and air transport, to its destination. The standardization of the measures of the platforms adopted has significantly enabled international use of transport on pallets and has allowed companies that deal with logistics to improve pallet management processes, facilitating the exchange of goods around the world. Thanks to pallets, it is therefore possible to combine different packages in a single load in order to carry out shipments over large distances.

101.3 million new pallets have been put on the market

2021 saw growth of 5.5% compared to the previous year

The advantages of shipping on pallets

There are many advantages that involve the different parties in the process, from the company requesting the service to the final customer, through the supply chain and the logistics staff. In particular, transport on pallets allows:

Rapid movement of goods. This solution makes it possible to ship a large number of packages at once with a single tracking code, which can then each take their own route once they arrive at the sorting center. Thanks to the ability to manage loading and unloading through mechanical means, companies that deal with logistics are in fact able to optimize timing and offer a faster and more efficient service.

Protection of goods. Thanks to specially designed packing methods and the use of quality materials, the load can be well secured to the platform, in order to ensure reliability during handling operations and adequate protection for goods during transport. The companies employed in logistics are also able to identify the best solutions based on the customer's needs and the type of goods to reduce the risk of damage, customize shipments and provide the most appropriate services.

Greater convenience in warehouse management. The use of pallets is not only advantageous during transport operations: it allows you to store goods in an orderly and rational manner, helping to optimize space and better management both in company warehouses and in logistics centers for sorting.

Saving time and money. Efficient handling of packages shipped on pallets allows faster shipments and considerable savings for the entire supply chain: this translates into safer and more controllable delivery times and consequently in greater customer satisfaction, as well as considerable savings in economic terms.

Companies that have to deal with a high number of shipments of their goods, regardless of weight and size, can find answers to their needs that guarantee efficiency and savings.

MBE offers solutions for transport of pallets and oversized goods, thanks to a unique and flexible service, with packing solutions studied ad hoc and selected according to the type of goods. With MBE you can count on highly specialized personnel, personalized pick-up, assistance, shipment tracking and tailor-made solutions in line with the needs of your business.

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