For artisans, SMEs and companies that sell their products online, shipping valuable items represents one of the most delicate logistical challenges and requires special attention to ensure that every step of the process is handled with the utmost care and safety.
Although there are numerous solutions available, understanding how to send valuable items in the way that best suits your needs can seem like a complex labyrinth, full of pitfalls and complications. The main challenge is to ensure delivery safely, without damage and in line with the specific needs of the buyer. Not only that: those who purchase precious goods often do so because they are attracted by exclusive items, unique pieces or sometimes capable of conveying an emotional meaning that transcends the material value of the product. In a context in which logistics and shipping services are increasingly put to the test, the slightest error can translate into significant losses: it is therefore essential to equip yourself with services capable of guaranteeing maximum reliability.

Online sales of luxury goods and valuable products will triple by 2025.

Choosing insurance is essential to guarantee an effective shipping service.

Advice for shipping a valuable item safely

The habit of purchasing precious goods online is in line with general online trends: according to Forbes magazine, the online sale of luxury goods and valuable products will triple the overall sales volume by 2025, exceeding the 90 billion dollars. Moreover, in the context of the current market, which is highly globalized and projected beyond national borders, the possibilities of purchasing unique items have multiplied. The products are sometimes selected in specialized online stores, but often the decision to take home a unique piece of craftsmanship or a work of art is made while shopping during a holiday, an experience that adds an emotional meaning to the value of the product. Antiques, musical instruments, high tech devices, designer and collectible objects, jewelry, handcrafted creations: the range of valuable objects that must be shipped is truly varied and requires specific care and attention. Here are some crucial aspects that must be carefully considered to ensure that your precious cargo arrives at its destination in optimal condition:

Select the suitable shipping service: Not all couriers are the same, especially when it comes to shipping valuable items. It is essential to select a service provider that offers specific options based on the type of goods and that allows you to constantly monitor the path of the package through advanced tracking systems accessible to both the company and the end user. It is not easy to find your way among the numerous proposals: for this reason, an effective solution for businesses and artisans is to rely on players who offer multi-courier services capable of identifying needs and giving the best solutions.

Choose professional Packaging methods: Packaging plays a crucial role in protecting valuable items during transit. Using high quality materials and specific packaging techniques is essential to ensure precious or particularly delicate products reach their destination intact. In this case, professionalism, know-how and the use of materials, which are not always available in artisan workshops or small businesses, are required. It is therefore better to evaluate the possibility of choosing external companies with a solid reputation and capable of carefully creating specific packaging based on the type of goods and transport envisaged.

Attach the correct documentation: Great attention must be paid to trade authorizations and waybills. Partial, incomplete or incorrect documentation can cause delays, seizures or even loss of the package. For whoever sells online in extra-national contexts, the task could become further complicated since the shipment of valuable objects abroad must necessarily presuppose knowledge of the legislation, customs duties and regulations in force in foreign countries. These are not simple tasks, which must be managed by attentive and scrupulous staff who have to be adequately trained.

Take out insurance. Security is an absolute priority for those who have to send precious objects and want to protect the economic value and uniqueness of the goods sent. Insuring your parcels is a measure that offers financial protection in the event of loss, theft or damage and is capable of giving the buyer the peace of mind necessary to complete the purchase phase. Most carriers offer various insurance options; choosing the one most suited to the real value of your item is essential in order to guarantee an effective service and protect yourself from unexpected events.

MBE SafeValue is the service dedicated to individuals and companies that allows them to protect their valuable products during shipping, thanks to flexible solutions, suitable for preserving the integrity of the items with customized packaging, specific materials, the possibility of collecting them on request and a coverage on the real value of the goods. With the use of automated processes, the experience of qualified personnel and the presence of a vast network of Centers spread throughout the world, Mail Boxes Etc. is the ideal partner to help you grow your business.

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Ensuring safe and damage-free delivery of items, in line with the buyer's specific needs.
Using high quality materials and specific techniques to protect valuable products during transportation.
Insuring packages offers financial protection in the event of loss, theft or damage, giving the buyer peace of mind.
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