In recent years, the logistics sector has had to cope with a significant increase in traffic of goods, mainly due to the growth in sales in e-commerce.
The latest European report on e-commerce in fact highlights how online purchases are growing at a rate of over 10% per year, while more than 75% are users, according to data provided by Eurostat, have made online purchases in the last year.However, these results are not only the result of changing user habits and new purchasing trends, but also of an ever-increasing attention to the customer experience: companies have in fact invested important resources to shorten the distance between seller and buyer making online shopping increasingly satisfactory and efficient in all its phases, including those related to delivery operations. Optimizing the customer experience of an e-commerce business means not only being able to solve any user problems in a timely manner but also effectively taking care of warehouse management, the browsing experience of an online store, a clear and effective return policy; in other words, it means building and managing an integrated and holistic process that encompasses every aspect of the transaction. Companies have worked diligently in this direction, trying to make navigation on online portals efficient and pleasant also from an aesthetic point of view. But how can e-commerce logistics improve the customer experience and help make the entire sales process satisfactory and rewarding?Here are the main tools and activities to be implemented to improve the consumer experience on an online store.

Online purchases are growing at a rate of over 10% per year

Taking care of the customer experience means managing an integrated process

The role of logistics in the customer experience

That punctual and efficient logistics contributes in a decisive way to making the customer experience of an e-commerce business distinctive is now beyond question. In fact, buying on the internet is now a consolidated practice for consumers of all ages, increasingly careful in selecting the seller, not only by choosing the most convenient offers but also increasingly preferring a precise and reliable service. In this context, logistics in particular makes it possible to improve the customer experience of an e-commerce through:

Precise information on delivery times. Online purchase presupposes greater trust of the buyer in the seller, since after payment the purchased good is not immediately available: the first step in the construction of this relationship concerns the certainty of the timing of delivery. Brands that sell online can take advantage of increasingly punctual and precise services and provide their customers with increasingly detailed information that meets their needs. The companies that deal with logistics have adopted processes for the automation of shipments, automatic creation of tracking labels and other procedures capable of streamlining each process and guaranteeing rapid, increasingly precise and personalized deliveries also through notifications on the various delivery statuses of the goods.

Care in packing. The logistics sector today allows you to ship virtually any type of goods: this is not only due to the optimization of the supply chain but also to the quality of the packing used. This aspect, which apparently responds only to the practical need to protect goods, has become an increasingly strategic factor because it speaks volumes about the brand. Careful packing, with refined materials specially designed to safeguard the content in the delicate phases of transport, adds value for the customer. Furthermore, attention to detail in the packing is a signal capable of expressing the philosophy of a company in the best possible way: eco-sustainable packing, made with professional materials, not only allows the item to arrive intact at its destination, but also tangibly contributes to strengthening the corporate reputation and gives those who buy on the web the feeling that the company is not focused solely and exclusively on the conclusion of the transaction but also takes other aspects into consideration.

Tracing of orders. The optimization of the customer experience in logistics related to e-commerce necessarily involves an efficient tracking service capable of informing and reassuring those who buy that the shipment is handled by professionals. This is perhaps the most important point for improving the relationship between seller and consumer: knowing how to anticipate customer needs and immediately provide a shipment tracking service, which promptly communicates any changes or delays, can earn the trust of those who buy and constitute a strength with relation to the competition. In order to keep customers informed, it is also possible to use platforms that offer automated services capable of providing real-time data relating to the position of the goods, the status and delivery forecasts. In this way, not only will the customer be fully satisfied, but it will be possible to have the situation under control to manage any emergencies that might emerge.

For an efficient management of the shipping and packing processes related to your e-commerce, rely on MBE solutions and improve the customer experience with professional services able to anticipate the needs of your customers. Thanks to MBE E-commerce Solutions you will be able to manage the aspects of your business related to logistics and shipping and take advantage of the specialized support and experience of your reference MBE Center, saving time and resources that you can devote to improving other aspects of your online store.
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