Product packaging must play a significant role within a marketing strategy for it to be complete, as it represents a powerful communication tool capable of adding value to the user’s experience and differentiating the product on the market.
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Well-finished and personalized packaging is able to highlight and support the message conveyed and improve the purchase experience of the final customers, also playing a central role in enhancing their loyalty. As highlighted by Doctom Distribution's eCommerce Packaging Study 2021 research, the use of high-quality packaging is one of the most appreciated elements by users who make purchases on the internet, along with fast shipping and transparency in the buying process.

One of the main advantages of customized packaging is the ability to convert occasional buyers into real brand ambassadors, in particular when it comes to e-commerce, as waiting for the package to arrive and unboxing represents an essential part of the user experience. This is just one of the reasons for using customized packaging: let us look in detail to understand why it is so important and how to set it up properly to give your products an edge.

61% of shoppers say they are willing to place an order again after receiving a premium package.

40% of users are inclined to share images of unique and branded packaging on social networks.

The Top 4 Benefits of Custom Packaging

Choosing tailor-made packaging means giving your products recognizable characteristics in the eyes of consumers, providing useful information and expressing the brand's values through shapes, colors, sizes and fonts, which help to strengthen the brand's identity.

The advantages of customized packaging can be summarized in 4 fundamental points:

1. Attracting and retaining customers. An attractive design is able to attract the attention of new buyers and, at the same time, represents a fundamental lever for achieving greater customer loyalty, as well as the creation of a real physical and emotional connection between the consumers and the company. Being able to surprise your customers with creative, eco-sustainable and personalized packaging contributes to enriching the brand's value system and helps to tell the story of the product it contains from the time it is delivered.

2. Improving brand visibility. Customized packaging is a fundamental part of the marketing mix, and it is able to strengthen the identity of a brand: creating a coordinated image through a system of images, texts and graphics consistent with your corporate message is certainly a determining factor for improving your brand identity and transparently communicating the values promoted through your products. More and more people choose sustainable packaging as an ecological alternative to traditional packaging, appreciating the reduced use of plastic in favor of paper, cardboard and other high-performing solutions. Relying on specialized companies that use reusable and biodegradable materials can represent added value for shipments and an effective way to respond to new consumer purchasing habits.

3. Support product sales. Another advantage of customized packaging is the ability to stand out from the competition and add value to your goods. Materials created with professional packaging and high-end printing techniques are the best calling card for a company, which will be able to promptly respond to customer needs. The packaging is able to attract the costumers, and can really make a difference by giving extra gear to small and medium-sized enterprises.

4. Maintain lower shipping costs. Product packaging can also help optimize the cost of shipping materials and reduce waste by reducing the quantity of materials used.

It is an investment that allows us to offer, on the one hand, better protection for the products throughout transportation, on the other, reduce costs. Thanks to the choice of tailor-made solutions or materials, perfectly adapting to the shipped items, it is possible to reduce any damage, which might result in a slowdown in delivery and possible customer dissatisfaction.

To make a packaging unique, it is important to identify the style that best represents your company, from the positioning of the logo to the choice of colors, up to the packing material.

Thanks to professional printing technologies, MBE is able to customize your company's products and packaging, printing your logo or graphics on labels, boxes, envelopes, adhesive tapes and much more, to give more style and value to the image of your brand.

Thanks to MBE printing and marketing solutions dedicated to packaging customization you can make your products exclusive and original, and highlight the unique aspects of your brand to give your business a new boost.

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The main function of the packaging is to contain and protect the product, to keep it intact during transport until unboxing. Packaging also performs a communication function as it is able to draw attention to the product, convey the brand's values and make it recognizable on the market.
To choose the most suitable packaging to contain your products, you need to have a clear understanding of your target and the product's strengths, to highlight its distinctive features. In addition to being aesthetically original, it must also be practical and functional in order to convey the company's values.
Packaging is considered the fifth lever of the marketing mix precisely because it is able to attract the attention of the final consumer, transmitting a positive message about the product and the brand, enabling brand recognition.
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