In an increasingly globalized, technological and interconnected world, Christmas continues to represent an unmissable event to spend more time with our families and a precious opportunity to strengthen relationships with people who live far from us.

The ritual of exchanging gifts, important for both adults and children, not only nurtures affection, but also helps eliminate distances: an example in this sense is the increasingly widespread trend of sending gifts to relatives and friends, near and far.But how and when should you send your Christmas gifts to make sure they arrive intact and on time? The shipping sector today represents a precious resource for those who choose to send their gifts: safe packaging, efficient tracking, punctuality and an increasingly widespread network of collection points allow you to reach your loved ones even abroad.

However, it should be emphasized that in the Holiday Season, the entire sector is subject to a high level of stress, due to the peak in demand and the ever-increasing volume of online purchases and goods on the move.It is therefore advisable to plan your purchases in advance, carefully choose the services based on the type of shipped goods and rely on professionals capable of offering the most suitable logistic solutions, based on your needs. Let us examine together when to send Christmas gifts and how to manage packing in a way that reduces stress and distances.

26% of US consumers purchase gifts as early as June

13% of those interviewed concentrate their shopping rush in December

Tips for shipping your Christmas gifts

There are many consumers who choose to purchase holiday gifts well in advance. A survey carried out by Google, for example, reveals that 26% of US consumers purchase gifts as early as June: according to a survey by Bankrate, however, only 13% of those interviewed concentrate their shopping in December, while 50% of the Americans complete their holiday shopping before Halloween. Therefore, carefully choosing the best period to send gifts will allow you to save money and live the Holiday season more peacefully. Here are the aspects to take into consideration to avoid last minute chaos and make sure gifts arrive under the tree on time.

Choosing the presents. This is the first, fundamental step to be addressed: how and when to send Christmas gifts can in fact also depend on the type of products chosen. It is good to move in time, because in the days closest to the holidays it is easy to get absorbed by the numerous daily commitments and the inevitable last-minute setbacks. For example, taking advantage of the items on offer during Black Friday and Cyber Monday can prove to be a winning strategy for having everything under control in advance, so that you can dedicate energy and ideas to the next steps.

Taking care of the packaging. Packaging is an essential element for those who decide to send their Christmas gifts. Paying maximum attention to this aspect allows you to better protect the content, avoiding unpleasant mishaps. Choosing packaging suited to the type and size of the goods also helps you save money and can improve the quality of the service. It is therefore necessary to find the suitable container and make sure to fill the empty spaces with shock-absorbing materials such as newspapers or bubble wrap to avoid unwanted movements during transport. Finally, it is essential to choose suitable packaging for specific items: this is the case of bottles of wine or spirits, which require particular techniques such as watertight packaging, and need to be protected also from an organoleptic point of view. Furthermore, there is the possibility of personalizing the packaging: a greeting card can make the difference, transforming a simple anonymous package into an affectionate message that eliminates distances. Shipping companies offer a wide range of options and advice for safe packaging. To reduce delivery times and to best protect your gifts, the best solution is to turn to established players, capable of choosing materials that best adapt to the characteristics of the products.

Choosing the optimal shipping method. Evaluating the options available based on the type of item and destination is crucial to ensuring that your Christmas gifts reach your loved ones on time. From standard to express solutions, each player offers different options and rates capable of meeting customer needs. Accurately evaluate expected delivery times and associated costs, balancing speed of delivery with the available budget. In an increasingly digital age, make sure that the courier you choose offers the possibility of tracking the shipment online, so that you can follow your package until it is delivered. A quick and advantageous solution to avoid getting lost in the wide range of offers is to rely on multi-courier logistics and shipping services, capable of identifying the operator suited to your needs and capable of supporting every process: from collecting the goods, to preparing the necessary documentation in the case of foreign destinations, and tracking.

Protecting valuables. This is a non-negligible prerogative within the shipping landscape, especially in the effervescent and chaotic context of the Christmas holidays. Examples include fine wines, designer creations, musical instruments, works of art: precious materials, fragile items or items of high economic and sentimental value that require particular attention. For this reason, many couriers offer the possibility of insuring packages and protecting valuable objects, thus guaranteeing a refund in the event of loss or coverage of expenses in the event of damage requiring restoration.

To send your Christmas gifts trust MBE: thanks to flexible solutions, suitable for preserving the integrity of the items with customized packaging and specific materials, Mail Boxes Etc. offers a professional shipping and packing service, with the possibility of monitoring your parcels via tracking code. Furthermore, with MBE SafeValue it is possible to send valuable objects, such as fine wines, designer creations, musical instruments and fine wines in total safety, covering the real value of the goods in case of loss or damage.

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It is advisable to plan the purchase and shipping of gifts several months in advance to avoid delays due to the workload of couriers during the Christmas period.
By choosing the right packaging and protecting the objects with materials suitable to absorb possible shocks and vibrations.
Yes, many couriers offer the option of insuring parcels to protect contents deemed valuable or delicate from damage or loss, guaranteeing a refund or covering the costs necessary for restoration in the event of damage.
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